Your Freshers Life Student Accommodation Check-List

Your Freshers Life Student Accommodation Check-List

 If you’re a person who appreciates the value in organisation, planning and LISTS! You’ll love this guide. From air freshener to alcohol, get freshers ready with Fresher Life’s Student Accommodation Essentials Check-List.Bedroom Bed Sheets Clothes Coat Hangers...

Your Guide to Going Out in Freshers’ Week

Your Guide to Going Out in Freshers’ Week

 Freshers’ week is a rite-of-passage. Hundreds of thousands of students will descend on towns and cities across the country, books packed with drinks in hands and smiles on faces. Freshers’ week is the ultimate student tear-up. No matter where you find yourself...

Your Freshers Life Guide to Meeting People at University

 Moving to your new university town or city is as exciting as it is nerve-wracking. For most, they’re out of their own for the first time, away from family and friends. It’s time for a new milestone in your life. Meeting new people and making new friends is natural...

Your Freshers’ Week Survival Guide

  Freshers’ week is fun. It’s also tougher than you think. You will survive it, though. It’s the best way to begin your life as a university student. You’ll meet many people, making memories and long-lasting friendships along the way. You only get one freshers’ week....



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